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On a steady path of improved rules and regulations with our class structure we are driven to continue to fine tune what is the best multi engine program in the business. Striving to provide fair and fierce competition our team of dedicated officials are always willing to help answer any concerns at the track or off. Follow this link to request any information you might need.

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Sporting Regulations
Technical Regulations

2023 Class Structure

Formula Mini Rok

Age 7 to 12 years 
Vortex Mini 60      235 lbs 
Tires LeCont Red 
Gas & Oil only
Front Drive Gear for Both Engines must be 11 or 10 Tooth 
Engines , Karts and class specific rules per F-Series / Rok Cup Rules Manual. Chest protector is mandatory. Drivers under 8 years of age must submit racing resume and apply for F-Series competition license to obtain race clearance

Formula Junior

Age 12 to 15 years
X30 New Pipe 330 lbs                                                                        Rok GP 330lbs
Tires LeCont Red 
Gas & Oil only.
Restrictions will be done by the exhaust header per F-Series Tech Manual.

Formula 100cc

Age 15 and up 
Vortex VLR  350 lbs  
Tires LeCont RED 
Gas & Oil only
Engines, exhaust and karts per F-Series Tech manual.

Formula Tag

Age 15 and up 
X-30 365 lbs  
Rotax Evo 365 lbs
Rok GP 365 lbs
Tires LeCont White 
Gas & Oil only
Engines, exhaust and karts per F-Series Tech manua0

Formula Shifter

Age 15 and up
Weight Honda 375 – Rok 385 – KZ 395
Tires: LeCont Prime & Option 
2 Hole maximum airbox CIK/FIA only 
Mandatory Foam/Fabric air box filter element 
All stated items must be present during all on track sessions, if rules are disregarded this will result in disqualification from event. 

Pre and Post Tech Inspection: Will be preformed at every event and is mandatory to redeem point towards the year end points championship. Tech Official will be on hand throughout race weekend to assist with any questions.

Fuel will be checked during event: Allowed fuels are Sunoco 112. Rotax engines may use the spec RMAX fuel fuel checks will be random. Technical official will be on hand during race weekends to test fuels.

TIRES will be marked and scanned with barcode scanner post qualifying weigh in, also monitored during event. Absolutely no tire prep allowed.

In the event of a wet race and the use of intermediate or full wet LeCont spec tires is mandatory. Tires must be pre ordered 14 days before event to ensure availability. Race must be 50% complete to be counted as a result in the year end points.

Please continue to check for updates since rules will be monitored and could be adjusted to continue fair competition.

For more information please contact us at 732-850-1893 or [email protected]