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The concept of giving you the contact of the experience of the karting ambassador page is to give racers, fathers and enthusiasts a point of contact that could ease the transition from moving from one class to another or simply find the right program for you as a new person in the sport. Please do not hesitate to contact these ambassadors as they are very knowledgeable in different aspects of the sport and could save you time, money and effort. And of course enhance your overall experience in kart racing.

Jeff Smith  contact info [email protected]  Tel: 814-571-5987.
Driving Coach, Extensive chassis knowledge, including scaling karts, weigh distribution, seat position, camber, castor, axles, tires,  etc. 
Good at figuring out what people really want to do and accomplish and go from there so they don’t get pushed into anything they don’t want to get pushed into….but if they have big desires….I know how to get there as well.  
Recent work is with TaG classes, but I am not that far removed from junior classes, and part of a team that has multiple class entries.
Engines….Leopard, Rok, Yamaha, KPP,  Comer.  Don’t have a lot of experience with Rotax.

John Nyman    
contact info [email protected]  Tel: 856-229-4519
Team owner and drivers in the Rotax Junior 12 to 15 group as well a Rotax Senior driver over 15 years of age. Expertise is in Rotax and NJMP class structure. As well as overall tuning and setup knowledge for the above team classes.

 Jerry White  
contact info [email protected]  Tel: 570-237-1095 
Primarily focused on Rotax Micro Max, Mini Max, and Vortex MiniRok and MicroRok engines. He also has experience with Comer 80, Comer 50 and some KT 100. Experienced with Multiple Chassis including CRG, Birel, Benik. and limited exposure to Tony Kart, MMK and OK-1
Experience not limited to but includes Scaling, Chassis Straightening, Kart Setup/Tuning and Engine Tuning, and Data Analysis    
Focus on highly competitive racing, competing at local, Regional and National Levels
Home track is NJMP, but have excellent knowledge of F1 Boston, Englishtown, NJMP( all Three tracks), Cherry Valley, Loudon NH, Pitt Race, Go Pro MotorPlex, Nola Motorsports, Ocala Grand Prix.  

Ken Ichikawa Contact info [email protected] 
Web:   Tel: 201-280-7460

Welcoming ambassador to all skill level of karters at all ages. Easy going attitude with a long history as a dedicated Race Consultant, Engineer, Chassis and Engine Tuner, Fabricator and Driving Instructor working within the industry of cars and karts. Experience ranging from many high profile races and endurance challenges on a national to global level. Primarily racing experience in Shifter Karts including (Honda CR125 and ICC/KZ engines) as well as the TaG class (Vortex, Rotax, Leopard and PRD). Been around the karting paddock and familiar with all elements of karting and race passion new and old.

 “Dont hesitate to ever stop to ask a question(s), knowledge  at any level in this sport can be a tumultuous experience to ascertain, trust me I’ve been there.” 


The concept of the tuners section is to give racers a reference of the top tuners and karting support choices  within traveling distance of the Gearup Challenge. Most of the shops and business listed offer a variety of different services but is mainly meant for on track support. Kart Shops that offer tuning, transport plus parts and accessories

DRT Racing
Don Guilbeault
17 Park Avenue
Hudson, NH 03051

KartWorkz, inc.
278 Mizdale Road
Hunlock Creek, PA. 18621
Phone: (570)-237-1095

New York Kart Sales                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        300 Mills Rd                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Morristown NY 13664                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              732-850-1893 

Checkered Motorsports                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Csaba Bujdoso                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                2501 W.Liberty St Girard, OH

Kart Attack

631.253.9010 – 516.528.4981
91-A Jersey Street
West Babylon, New York 11704

Kompetitive Kartsport
[email protected]